Decker Truck Lines

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Decker Truck Lines

8275 Hwy 10 West 
Missoula, MT. 59808
Phone: 888-670-9378

In business for over 75 years, Decker is a family owned and operated truck line servicing some of the most successful companies in the country with our reefer/van and flatbed services. With 550 tractors and nearly 1350 trailers, Decker is a diversified carrier servicing the 48 contiguous states and 7 Canadian provinces.

Our commitment is to offer quality service to our customers and to provide an excellent environment for our company drivers and owner operators to find great success. We are proud to still serve some of our first customers from the early 1930’s. To learn more, click on the links and thank you for your interest in Decker Truck Line, Inc.

Company Driver Benefits
* Health insurance for our drivers and their family members is available
through an 80/20 plan that includes a prescription card benefit.
* Flexible spending benefit plans are available for you to set aside pre-tax
dollars for unreimbursed medical expenses and childcare.
* Dental, vision and cancer insurance programs are also available with
individual and family coverage.
* Life insurance is provided free to drivers and their families. The
coverage is:
Driver - $10,000
Spouse - $5,000
Children over six months of age - $2,500
(Additional coverage for the driver is available.)
* Disability insurance is available with both short term and long term programs.


Decker offers a 401(k) retirement plan after 90 days of service. We match
10% of employee contributions, up to 8% of gross income.

Paid vacation time is offered based on years with Decker, as follows:
1 year = 1 week
3 years = 2 weeks
10 years = 3 weeks

Professional Drivers' Center:

* Driver training and orientation rooms
* Drivers' break room with vending machines, microwaves, coffee,
tables/seating and TV
* Drivers' "quiet" rooms with computer, telephone, recliner and TV
* Restroom facilities
* Drivers' showers and changing rooms
* Laundry facilities

Other Benefits
Payroll is weekly and direct deposit is available. Decker uses TripPak Express to forward your paperwork to the corporate office at no charge to you.


*Safe & Secure Application